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Introducing Ember BTC Mining 🚀

June 24, 2021

Hi Ember Crew,

We are proud to announce the launch of a new feature: Ember In-App BTC Mining Rewards

In an effort to educate our users about crypto, we’ve developed this program where users can earn BTC daily by visiting the app and reading a short snippet about cryptocurrencies.

How the BTC mining program works:

  • Turn on your miner to begin earning BTC for 24 hours
  • Your miner will turn off after 24 hours at which point you'll no longer be earning BTC
  • To continue earning, you'll need to come back into the app to turn on your miner

All users mine at a base rate of 10 Satoshis/hour. We’ll also be adding ways to boost your mining rate to earn more BTC very soon! As more miners come online, the base mining rate will decrease so lock in a high mining rate now as an early adopter!

Ember mining rewards will be distributed to each user’s Ember Wallet once 1 full BTC is mined across all users. We estimate that it will take 2-3 months for rewards to be distributed.

Anyone with the Ember app can start mining today by tapping on the pickaxe button on the Home, Wallet and Settings pages!

Check out our FAQ or join our Discord for more information on the program.

Mining rates will decrease over time, so start mining today to maximize your Bitcoin rewards!


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