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Introducing The Yield πŸš€

August 25, 2021

Hi Ember Crew,

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest portfolio: The Yield.

Since the inception of Ember Fund, our goal has always been to be the gateway to decentralized finance and pioneer accessibility to the vast array of DeFi assets. One of the most compelling advantages of DeFi, is something called Yield Farming.

Ember has partnered with on-chain DeFi platforms Compound and Yearn to provide yield to investors.

Once invested in the portfolio, users begin earning interest on their underlying assets via stablecoins. Expected yield may vary and depend on market conditions. Ember expects yields to vary between 2% - 10% APY, long-term. Some allocations may see yields of up to 50% APY.


Benefits of depositing into The Yield include:

  • Future-proofed with the ability to support new DeFi platforms to boost performance
  • It’s completely fee-free, powered by our smart contracts (aside from mining fees)
  • Audited, secure lending protocols in a non-custodial investing experience


The portfolio will automatically rebalance every month to capture the highest yield generated between Yearn and Compound, and is built to support additional layers of yield as they are developed. We will also continue to integrate with additional partners that meet Ember's standards and bring their pools onto our platform to maximize yield generation and flexibility for our community.

Feel free to check out the portfolio on the Invest tab of the app today! πŸ™



Happy Yield Farming,

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