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January 2021 Newsletter Recap

February 9, 2021

Hi Ember Crew,

We hope everyone had a great start to the year. Please see below for our monthly updates.

📱 Company & Product Updates:

  • We’ve begun migrating users over to the new smart contracts, we appreciate your patience while we transition everyone in the next few weeks
  • There is now a new allocation screen that outlines all fees in detail before you make a deposit, just click the down arrow to see the itemized list
  • We’re using machine learning to help create an even smoother experience in app for you. We’ve just finished training the first model (using Mage) and the integration will begin in a few weeks!
  • Continuing our backtests for the Ethereum quant portfolio that should be completed EOM

🔥 Milestones:

  • Another record breaking month for Ember! We’ve added almost double the amount of new users vs last month.

📊 Fund Performance:

  • The Quant - "What a start to a new year I must say. The quant captured 143% of the upside in January and made a little over 20% for the month while bitcoin gained roughly 14%....." click here for the detailed fact sheet & outlook.
  • Marius 5 S-Tier - "This was the best month of the S-Tier fund with a 116% increase including a 1,100% pump with UNI since the altcoin bottom....." To continue reading, click here for the detailed fact sheet & outlook.
  • Indexes - "From a macro perspective we believe the GameStop short squeeze has highlighted the issues around traditional finance and ignited a newfound interest in DeFi...." To continue reading, click here for the detailed fact sheet & outlook.

Please email us if you have any questions. 🙏


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