Edge SDK

Ember uses cutting edge wallet technology powered by Airbitz/Edge - a paradigm shifting data security company. Edge, founded in 2014, is the most established non-custodial wallet system in the industry with an impeccable track record of securing cryptocurrency assets.

Complete End-To-End Encryption

All of your data is encrypted on your device before any of your information touches our servers. We don’t have any access, or any knowledge of any sensitive account information or keys. Only you and you alone have access.

Automatic Backup

If you lose your device, you can simply download Ember on a new device, enter your credentials and your assets will be right where you left them, because your funds are directly stored on the blockchain and not on servers like with all other exchanges.

Ember Index

Ember Index


Past performance does not guarantee future results.

The power of institutional cryptocurrency fund management technology, right in your pocket.

Our Product

Buy into a managed cryptocurrency fund in one tap

Simply choose a portfolio, make your deposit and we'll search multiple exchanges to execute trades at the best prices. Portfolios are algorithmically re-balanced.

Custody your assets

We'll automatically create the necessary wallets for you and send the coins to them. You and you alone retain full control of your wallets and assets securely through your mobile device.

Low minimums

Unlike traditional cryptocurrency funds, our minimums are low. Now anyone with $100 and a mobile device has access to portfolios previously accessible only to millionaires.

Our Team

Alex Wang

Alex Wang

Experience as a product manager at an artificial intelligence company. Previous experience building and scaling technology companies.

Guillaume Torche

Guillaume Torche

Experience building and scaling multiple backend infrastructures for various marquee venture backed startups.

Mario Lazaro

Mario Lazaro

Experience managing high performance technology teams. Avid cryptocurrency investor.

Our Advisors

Jack Keating

Jack Keating | Legal Advisor

Jack is a New York-based attorney that spent over 3 years at FINRA and has experience at the US Attorney's office (Southern District of NY)

Deergha Sahni

Deergha Sahni | Advisor

Deergha is a Data Science and Engineering leader. With stints at Google, Microsoft and Quantcast, she has over a decade of experience scaling data, algorithms and quantitative analyses across multiple industries.